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action figures
This group is for collectors of any sort of action figure(vintage or current) and any age of collector.

Besides general chit-chat about this hobby, feel free to post pictures of your collections, brag about your recent finds or good deals, share your wants/haves list, post items you have for sale/trade, report what figs have shown up in your area, or post reviews. It'd be great to have reports from conventions you've been to as well. Who knows? Maybe we can even help each other get a hold of that elusive figure we've been looking for to complete our collections?

The "interests" section below will give you an idea of what figs and subjects to comment on but by no means is this a complete list--just something for starters.

When you join, please jot out a little bio info in your first entry to let others know what kind of figs you're into.

There's just two rules:
1. Be kind and respectful in your entries and comments.
2. Stay on topic. For example, if you want to talk about the figures from a movie or tv show, cool. But this isn't a place to discuss the show or movie itself.

With all that said...
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